That little guy is definitely in safe hands

Life is hard. You have to go to work, pretend you’re actually stressed about your deadlines and many responsibilities, come back home, pretend to do your chores and make excuses for everything you didn’t manage to get done throughout the day. And then do it all over again.
Fortunately, there’s one quick solution for all these problems. No, not alcohol. I’m talking about puppy videos. Puppies are awesome, and the only thing better than a puppy is a bigger dog taking care of a puppy. And that’s exactly what you’ll get by watching the video below.
In it, Bentley can be seen taking care of his much smaller friend, Yeti, and the images are going viral. Despite the obvious difference in size, they are the best of friends. This comes to show that love has no size or perception. It’s pretty obvious that Bentley will go to extreme lengths to protect his tiny friends from anybody or anything trying to hurt him. Their friendship is one that will most likely last for a long, long time ahead.
This little guy is definitely in safe hands! Take a look and don’t forget to share this adorable clip with all of your friends and family online.

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