Texas family takes in orphaned newborn calf – now she thinks she’s a dog

Everybody, meet Harveigh! The adorable calf in the video below was found alone on the streets during hurricane Harvey and rescued by a loving family who took her in and provided her shelter and food. Now, her owners say she is a part of the family, especially considering the fact that Harveigh acts more like a dog than a calf. Her owners think it’s because the calf has been spending most of her time with the family’s dog and picked up many of its behaviors.

Without any other animal role models other than the dogs, the calf became one of the pack, and the result is going viral. Now, the 400 pound bovine even knows how to open the door and let herself in whenever she wants to hang out with her owners or the dog! However, things weren’t always this way. According to Harveigh’s owners, when they first brought her in, the calf spent most her time in the laundry room and refused to go outside. Little by little, though, the calf started to get used with her new living environment, and is now comfortable and happy.

However, the calf now spends most of the day outside because she’s got a big bigger for the laundry room. To learn more about her story and see how she’s managed to fit in with the family, go ahead and check out the video below. This is not something you hear about every single day, so please take a moment to share this with some of your friends as well!

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