When He Tells His Dog To Find Baby, The Dog Does The Sweetest Thing

For many people, Pit Bulls and babies shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together, not to mention live under the same roof. Over the years this breed has gained a bad reputation. Pit Bulls are seen by many people as being instinctively violent dogs, which is why they are considered by some to be dangerous, especially towards small children.
But the truth is that the way a dog is has more to do with how he was brought up and less to do with his let’s called it genetic heritage.
Diesel the Pit Bull would never do anything to hurt his best buddy, an adorable baby who trusts him completely. When his owner tells Diesel to go find the baby, the dog immediately knows where to go. This comes to show just how smart and caring these dogs really are.
It’s time that Pit Bulls get a chance to clear out their names and prove they can be trusted around children, as long as there’s someone to teach them the proper way to act around a small infant.
Diesel is such a sweetheart that it’s easy to forget about all the misconception about his breed when looking at this video!

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