The teen waits in the gym with rollerblades on. But after she turns around, my jaw drops!

One of the most popular sports in Russia is ice skating. Many girls there take up on this sport following their dream to compete in the major ice skating competitions that are organized across the country, and also internationally. It’s an elegant sport, which is why many young women are fascinated by it and attracted to it, as opposed to other sports that are more popular in other countries.
Sofia Bogdanova is an incredible girl from Moscow, Russia, but she chose a different sport. She always wanted to do something different and just not be like every other girls her age. So she began taking an interest in a sport that is only now beginning to gain some popularity. The sport is a lot less popular than ice skating, but it does have certain elements in common.
The sport is called slalom skating. Simply put, this sport involves rollerblading around small cones. You might not be that impressed simply by reading this description, but just wait until you see Sofia in action.
Her moves and abilities are very impressive, especially for a girl her age. She definitely proves that you don’t have to be on ice to have grace and femininity! Take a look:

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