Teen hands Mom’s boyfriend a gift – He breaks down in tears when he sees adoption papers inside

As any parent, Joe Iosco couldn’t feel prouder on the day his stepdaughter of 17 years graduated from high school. Over the years, the man had watched over Lauren and seen her grow into a beautiful, smart, posed young lady. He showered her with love and attention as if she was his natural daughter.
He knew that she loved him back and that she felt grateful for everything he’s done for her, but nothing could prepare for the surprise Lauren had in store for him.
The man was at Lauren’s high school graduation party when she gave him a Macy’s box. At first, the man was a bit surprised, as it’s usually customary for the graduate to receive a gift on this important day.
Slowly, the man opened the package. Inside was the most precious gift Lauren could ever give him. Next to a framed poem, Joe saw the adoption papers that would make him Lauren’s legal stepfather.
The video below captures the man’s reaction, as well as the beautiful moment the two hugged to celebrate their new official relationship.
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