Teen Girl Wakes Up After Partying, Walks in Bathroom To Discover A Scene That Will Haunt Her Forever

When you are young, you feel like you got the whole world to yourself. You feel invincible, like you are going to live forever. It’s an incredible feeling that empowers you and makes you feel like you can move mountains.
But it also makes you reckless and more willing to take stupid risks that put your life in danger. Unfortunately, a single mistake is often all it takes to end a life.
It’s what happened in the case Shelby Allen, a beautiful, smart 17-year-old athlete with great academic results and a bright future ahead of her. The girl made one big mistake on the first day of school break, and her actions had dramatic consequences.
It all started when Shelby asked her mom to spend the night at a friend. Her mom agreed because she knew who that friend was and trusted Shelby. What her mom had no way of knowing was that Shelby and her friend will receive a text later that night from another friend inviting them to a party.
Shelby ended up drinking way more than her body could handle at that party. And the next morning, Shelby was found dead on the bathroom floor. This is Shelby’s memorial video.
Please share it and hopefully it will reach a teen who contemplates drinking and help them think twice before doing something reckless.

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