They say that the best performances are the ones that come from the heart. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. The clip shows Harry Gardner, a 16-year-old from Essex, performing on the stage at Britain’s Got Talent for a place in the competition.
As most contestants, he was extremely nervous; his heart was pounding with excitement. But his reasons for being so nervous went beyond the fact that he was performing in front of a jury and a large audience for the first time in his life.
You see, the song he chose to perform on stage was personal to him. Unlike most people who audition, he decided to go with a song he wrote himself. The song entitled Not Alone is an intimate depiction of the relationship he has with his grandma who suffers from Alzheimer.
The touching lyrics that spoke so candidly and openly about the struggles of loving someone who suffers from this disease combined with Harry’s warm voice brought the members of the jury to tears.
His touching performance got him a place in the competition, but more importantly, it allowed him to share what he was feeling inside in an extremely beautiful way.