Teen and his cow lose at state fair, take a nap together and win hearts of millions instead

The incredible connections that can form between a human being and an animal never cease to amaze the world. The boy and cow in the video below are just one example of just how powerful these kinds of bonds can be!

Jeremy Miner

15-year-old Mitchell Miner and his trusty cow Audri were photographed taking a nap together at a state farm, and although they didn’t win any prizes, they are winning the hearts of people online from all over the world. Tired after several days of work before the event, Mitchell and Audri decided to take a break and finally get some rest. So they cuddled up and took a nap shortly after the state farm came to an end. Someone snapped a photo of them napping, and the image soon became viral online.

Jeremy Miner

On the day of the contest, Miner woke up at 3 in the morning. What’s more, it was the third day in a row that the boy had to wake up this early, so the boy was pretty exhausted. Audri was placed fifth out of seven contestants, but Miner was proud of her and all the hard work that he put into prepping her and decided to reward himself with a well-deserved nap.

“She likes to lay down quite a bit,” Mitchell explained to The Des Moines Register. ”I don’t really understand the bond with my animal either. She just enjoys my company.”

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