Teacher’s emotional “Goodbye” with stray dog has sweetest happy ending

Meet Scholar, a 4-month-old stray who once roamed the streets of New Orleans before a kind-hearted individual took him in. Unfortunately, circumstances led the man to make a difficult choice: find a new home for the lovable puppy or lose his own place to live. Their moving story has recently resonated with many, and rightly so.

“This little fellow was found as a stray, and a local school teacher in New Orleans took this sweet little boy into his care,” Villalobos Rescue Center shared in a Facebook post. “But it didn’t last long because when his landlord found out, he was asked to get rid of the puppy.” The teacher chose what he believed to be the best option for the gentle pit bull. He traveled to the rescue center in Clareburn and patiently waited for someone to arrive to elucidate his unfortunate predicament. Thankfully, they empathized and promptly offered their help.

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“A renewed faith in humanity begins to set in,” the post continued. “Paperwork was filled out, and we assured the good-hearted teacher that the pup would be well taken care of.” The man asked for a moment to bid farewell, but no one was ready for Scholar’s endearing reaction.

“Hearts are melting, tears are falling, a little waggy tail ‘thump thump thump thump thump thump, thump thump thump’,” the post noted. “We learned something today: not all heroes wear capes. We learned that somewhere in a city riddled with crime and despair, he stands at the front of a classroom, his only ‘weapon’ being his knowledge.” The rescuers named the dog Scholar in honor of the caring teacher who had shown him so much love.

“We hope that their stories together will change lives, enrich minds, and teach us all that, even if it’s just for a moment, we can make a difference,” the post said.

Scholar is currently growing and thriving under the care of a devoted rescuer. “He’s doing great,” said Rescue founder Tia Torres to The Dodo. “There are many factors that go into making such a monumental decision, and while our followers may be looking for that fairytale ending, Scholar’s story will continue on its own path.”

Soon, Scholar will move on to The Pet Pack Rescue Initiative, which is run by educators. His journey is far from over—it’s only just begun. “As a former teacher myself, it resonated with me,” Torres said. “We believe that [the rescue] is the perfect next step in Scholar’s ‘life lessons’ and his journey to finding his forever home.”

Thanks to the goodwill of everyone involved with Scholar, including the selfless act by the Good Samaritan teacher and multiple rescues, this pup stands a great chance of passing this ‘class’ we call life with flying colors.

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