Teacher Has Brilliant Method to Prevent Bullying, Her Method Should Be a Lesson for All

Being a kid nowadays is a lot harder than it used to be. With the spread of social media, kids can easily become victims of bullying not only at school but also in environments that should provide children with a sense of security, like their homes, for instance.
And although a lot of effort and resources have been directed toward reducing the cases of bullying, we’re nowhere near fixing this problem. Luckily, there are many parents, teachers, and community members who seem tireless when it comes fighting this extremely important issue.
Kathy Pitt is one of them. The teacher has been involved with developing anti-bullying strategies ever since 1999, and she hasn’t slow down. The beloved professor came up with a brilliant idea to help prevent bullying in her class, and some specialists go as far as calling it genius.
Unlike other tactics who revolve around finding and punishing the bully, her method involves cards being passed around the room and aims to identify those at risk of being bullied.
Here’s how it works: students are asked to write the names of students they’d like to sit with the following week, or nominate someone whom they consider to be a good friend.
And here comes the ingenious part: Kathy instructs her students not to sign their cards, so everyone can be honest and express themselves.
Kathy then examines the cards looking for the names that haven’t been chosen. That’s how she figures out which kids in her class are most vulnerable to being bullied. Find out more about her method and why it works brilliantly by watching the video below:

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