11-year-old leaves the crowd in chills with her rendition of ‘O Holy Night’

Music definitely makes the holiday season a lot better and instantly puts you in the mood of the season. Now, everybody has different tastes in music and likes listening to different artists, but if I were to make a survey and ask people what’s the first song that comes to mind when they think about Christmas music, I bet that I would get a lot of answers that referred to “O Holy Night.”

YouTube/Amira Willighagen

The song is definitely a Christmas staple, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it more times than you can remember this year already. But chances are you’ve never heard it being performed by a 11-year-old with the voice of an angel. So here is your chance!

Amira Willighagen sang the song in front of hundreds of onlookers after she was invited to the annual Christmas concert in the city of Nijamen, which also happens to be her home city. And the young Dutch singer definitely managed to rise up to the occasion.

YouTube/Amira Willighagen

Although she was visibly nervous, she was able to use her emotions in a constructive manner and convey the emotion of the song even better. Not to mention the fact that she has an unbelievable voice!
I still can’t believe she is only 11-year-old, can you? She definitely has a bright career in front of her and we’re likely to hear a lot more of her from now on. Until then, enjoy her beautiful rendition of “O Holy Night.” You’re going to want to listen to it in a loop afterwards.

Watch the young girl’s performance here:

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