He Takes A Bowl Of Water And Recreates Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” In Jaw-Dropping Style

Many people remember Van Gogh only as the crazy artist who cut off his ear. Well, the truth is that Van Gogh was an eccentric artist who did in fact cut off one of his ears. However, that doesn’t make his work any less remarkable.
Van Gogh’s work had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. Also, did you know that he produced 2100 artworks in just over a decade? Almost have of those were oil painting. Talk about being productive.
Well, enough with that. This post is actually about an artist who manages to recreate some of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings using a technique that is downright innovative. The artist is not using common painting tools like paper or paints. All he needs is a bowl of water and some colors. The result will totally blow you away!
The whole process is fascinating to see, so make sure you watch the clip until the very end. Seeing the work of art come to life is definitely worth the time. The painting he recreates here is called ‘Starry Night’ and the resemblance with the original painting is uncanny.
I bet you’ve never seen Vincent like this before!

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