Take fresh berries and add 2 ingredients. It’ll come out of the oven a family delight!

We all want to lead healthier lifestyle, feel great and look great. But you and me both know that’s not always easy to do. We lead busy lifestyles, so we often don’t have time to cook a healthy breakfast in the morning before rushing out the door.
If this is a problem you typically have in the morning, you need to watch the video below. It shows how to make a delicious and nutritious, healthy breakfast using only three ingredients.
All you need to make these healthy muffins are bananas, eggs, and your favorite type of berries. They can be enjoyed in the morning or as an afternoon snack. They are great fresh or for meal prep.
Start by mashing the bananas using a fork into a large bowl. Then, whisk four eggs until they are blended well and place a few berries into each compartment of your muffin tin. And that’s pretty much it!
Pop them in the oven while you finish getting ready for work! It only takes about ten minutes for the muffins to be done, and you can share them with all the members of your family. As the French would say, Bon appetite.

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