Taco Bell Employee’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral: He Makes A Customer Feel Welcomed And Understood

We all can do something to make the people around us feel better. Kindness is contagious, so by helping someone, you’re actually making the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, because even a small act of kindness can make all the difference for someone who really needs it.
The teenager in the video below named Caleb can serve as a positive example for all of us. Now, you may know that most teenagers have to choose electives to fill up their class schedule. Caleb decided to choose something different than most of his colleagues, so he signed up for two years of sign language. It’s a skilled he learned not knowing where or when he will actually get a chance to put it to good use.
That moment finally come during one of his shift at a local Taco Bell. A customer who was deaf came in the store and stood in line looking lost and confused. It’s then when Caleb started to sign making the customer feel welcomed and understood.
The whole interaction between them was caught on video. The clip was shared more than 200 shares in less than two days, but Caleb said he only wanted to help someone in need.

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