Baby whale’s cry alerts surfers who came running to her rescue

Two surfers are being hailed as heroes, and it’s all for the right reasons. The two men were enjoying some time in nature surfing off the coast of Boca Barranca, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. But, suddenly, one of them has noticed what seemed to be a black lump on the surface of the water!

Right away, the experienced surfer knew something could be wrong there, so he went ahead and took a better look. Soon after, he started to hear some strange noises coming from that area, noises that sounded like a baby crying. When he got close enough, the man realized the black lump he and his friends saw from a distance was actually a baby whale in distress.

The animal was extremely weak and could barely keep afloat. Most likely, the baby whale had wandered from the Pacific Ocean up a river and was just minutes away from dying. Fortunately, the surfers were quick to react and carried the distressed animals as close to the ocean as possible.

They stayed with the baby while for about six hours during which time they tried to contact the authorities that could help the animal, but no one responded. However, once the tides began to rise, the kindhearted men were able to guide the tired whale back to the ocean, and hopefully, back to safety.

More about this heartwarming rescue, in the video below!

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