Surfers carry beached dolphin family back to ocean

It was a race against the clock for a group of nice surfers who came together to rescue a family of dolphins that found themselves in desperate need of help!

Fergus Sweeney

Three surfers were getting ready to enjoy the day at the ocean in Blacksod Bay, the Irish Coast, UK, when they came up to something unexpected. Two young dolphins – a male and a female, got stranded on shore and their fate seemed to be sealed. The surfers knew there is no time to loose so they immediately took action. In a delicate rescue mission, they took the helpless creature, one by one back in to the water.

Fergus Sweeney

Apparently, the two dolphins were catching herring in the bay alongside their two babies. At some point the unexperienced juveniles got too close to the shoreline and their parents put their lives on the line to help them out. In the end they had managed to save their babies, but unfortunately they had to pay the costs.

Fergus Sweeney

To their luck, these surfers found them just in time and they looked ready to do the impossible only to help them reunite with their babies. In a heart-warming footage, the men can be seen doing everything in their power to save the desperate marine mammals. As the rescue goes on, one of the dolphins can be seen crying in agony as her moves can’t help her to get back in the water. Thankfully, after an intense and long rescue, the kindhearted surfers have managed to safely get back in the water both dolphins.

Watch the dramatic rescue here:

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