Superstar Asks Tiny Girl To Sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Seconds In, Girl Brings Down House

When a talent show such as America’s Got Talent comes to an end, everyone talks about the winners, but have you ever wondered what happens to all the others contestants? Well, in the case of the adorable little girl in the video below named Celine, things worked out for the best.
The former AGT contestant got a chance to sing alongside one of the most famous singers in the world on an impressive stage in front of thousands of people. None other than Helene Fischer decided to invite the little girl onto her show to sing a duet of “You Raise Me Up,” and Celina did not disappoint. If anything, her skills as a singer only improved since her appearance on America’s Got Talent.
What’s more, her sweet voice complemented Helene’s powerful style of singing perfectly, leaving audiences in total awe. Celine was definitely born to be an artist and perform on the biggest stages in the world.
Little by little, Celine is getting closer to fulfilling her dream of being a famous singer, even if her journey doesn’t involve her being the winner of a major talent show such as America’s Got Talent.
Check out Helene and Celine’s duet in the video below:

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