Family confused to find stray rooster in the living room, now he’s part of the family

It was a sunny autumn day and Chaz Sanders and her husband were relaxing on the sofa when they suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the living room. The Sanders have two dogs so they left the front door open for the pups to go out. However, when they went there to investigate they were both left baffled to find out a rooster was walking through their living room just like he owns the place.


The situation was even more confusing since they don’t have any close neighbors. “We don’t have any neighbors other than family for about 2 miles so we have no idea how he got there,” the woman said. Both Chaz and her family are very fond of animals, so naturally they offered some food to their uninvited visitor, which he gladly accepted. But then, he lost his way. Until one morning when he made his appearance once again. This time for good.


“I instantly fell in love with him,” Chaz told THE DODO. “I’ve grown up around animals but never had any type of birds/chickens. He follows us around like a dog and loves attention. He basically took over and now does whatever he wants.”


The Sanders didn’t planned to adopt a rooster, but you definitely cannot refuse a bird with such an attitude. So they made him part of the family since and now they can’t imagine life without Ronnie, how they named him. Not only Chaz and her husband find in Ronnie a great friend, but their dogs as well.


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Life with a chicken 🙃

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“He is a diva and acts like a teenager,” the woman said. “He screams if he doesn’t get his way and he will do what you tell him to but it takes you telling him a couple of times.” So far no one knows from where did Ronnie came from, but they’re all glad he choose to stay!

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