Stray Kitten Interrupts Live Newscast And Gets Rescued

There are a lot of people in working in television who will go to extreme lengths just for the sake of rating. They come up with all kinds of scripts to make the stuff we see on TV more exciting and engaging. But nothing can beat reality!
The best moments in television history typically happened by accident. In other words, someone was in the right place at the right time. It’s exactly what you can see happening in the video below.
Reporter Nima Shaffe was doing a live shot for WXYZ-TV Channel 7 when something unexpected happened. Now, as a live reporter, you always have to be prepared for people who want to get some air time themselves and jump in the shot. But what do you do when a kitten is the one that’s interrupting your live newscast? Well, there’s really no other option than to embrace the moment! That’s exactly what the reporter did.
As it turned out, the cat was actually a stray. After making its debut on live television, the cat that is really friendly and affectionate according to the news crew was taken to a shelter. There, the cat it is eagerly waiting to get adopted!

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