Stray dog helps school children to cross the street

When it comes down to caring and helping those in need, nothing compares with a dog’s gentle and kind heart. And we’ve seen so many times what incredible selfless creatures our furry companion can are. Recently a stray pup became an internet sensation after jumping into action to help a group of kids to cross the street.

A group of school children were preparing to cross a busy road in Batumi, Georgia, Eastern Europe, when a kind-hearted stray dog offered its help. The incredible footage shows how the pup is barking at the cars to stop and then joins the kids group who’re safely crossing the street.

The dog’s lovely gesture hasn’t gone unnoticed as the internet felt in love with the selfless puppy. According to Bega Tsinadze, the person who caught on camera the heart-warming scene, the dog, named Kursha has frequently been seen in the neighborhood. However, this is the first time when the pup reveals its civic duty side.

A few months ago, another stray dog showed its softhearted side. Back then, the homeless pup left the viewers speechless after he set free a dog that was temporarily tied up to a fence by its owner!

h/t: itv | abcnews

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