He straps 54 drones to a chair and makes a working helicopter

What do you get when you strap together 54 drones to a chair? Oh well, a working helicopter, of course! One man created a homemade helicopter out of 54 drones, and the result is going viral.
When you stop to think about it, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. After all, drones have the power needed to stay up in the air. More drones equal more power. Still, the fact that the man actually managed to get off the ground is pretty impressive.
We’re still not sure what exactly is the purpose of this improvised wannabe helicopter, but if I was the neighbor of this guy, I would most probably be a little bit jealous looking over the fence into his backyard. This is surely not something you see every day.
It’s safe to say he won’t be breaking any records anytime soon, but this is one cool invention nevertheless. This is definitely something you need to see to believe, so go ahead and check it out.
I have to warn you, though; this might give you bad dreams about a giant mosquito chasing you for at least a couple of nights in a row.

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