A Stranger Hands Her a Rose & Walks Away—When Her Husband Points at the Stairs, She LOSES It!!

It’s always nice to see people who love each other and who are not afraid to put their love on display to show the other person just how much they mean to them.
Carl Gilbertson is a man who loves his wife deeply. They have been married for ten years, but he says their love for each other has only grown deeper over the years. There’s nothing he won’t do for her. He’s always been by her side, even thorough the worst of times. Ever since the woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he was there to comfort her and show her that life is beautiful as long as there’s love in your life.
For their tenth anniversary, the man planned out a special surprise. With the help of some students representing Liverpool Media Academy, he organized an awesome flash mob to serve as a declaration of love from him to his wife.
The woman’s reaction when she realizes what’s going on shows just how much she appreciated the gesture. It’s clearly that the two love each other very much and that they would each go to extreme lengths to make sure the other person feels happy and loved.

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