Starving stray dog gets rescued and taken to pet-friendly restaurants all over LA

Life is unpredictable – and not only for humans but animals as well. Things could easily turn into the right direction bringing some opportunities you never hoped for. It’s also the case of this cute little pup.

Popeye used to be a homeless dog. The poor little thing was wondering on the streets of Los Angeles to find something to eat. Fortunately, the little one’s life dramatically changend in 2014, when he met Ivy Diep – a kind woman who took him home, the moment he found him.

“I found him as a stray,” the woman told Bored Panda. “He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty. It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs. And of course, my husband and I fell in love [with Popeye].”

Now Popeye, the dog, is an Instagram star with almost 400,000 followers. “One of my friends, Jen, suggested that I create an Instagram account for Popeye because he was cute. Jen and I liked to go on what we call ‘Instagram dates’ and take pics of our food. I’d bring Popeye any time I can, and we realized he was really good around food. He doesn’t lunge for food or really even care for it. He just liked to be out,” Ivy recalls.


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What once was a poor starving pup now became a regular customer of all the fancy restaurants in LA. However, Ivy says her beloved pup still follows a strict diet. “We’ll give him nibbles of anything that’s safe for him,” she said. “We always carry a bag of his favorite treats as well. He’s usually not really into the food anyway. He just likes to be out and about—people watching and to bark at any other dog that walks by.”

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