Spread lemon pudding over graham crackers. Nothing will prepare you for this amazing dessert

Want to treat your family to a delicious dessert this weekend but don’t really feel like spending your Sunday cooped up in the kitchen next to a hot oven? Well, if that’s the case, we have the perfect dessert recipe for you.
This delicious lemon icebox cake is perfect for when you don’t want to turn on the oven. Moreover, it’s super easy to make, so even non-expert bakers can pull this one off.
In fact, all you really have to do is gather up all of your ingredients and then do some mixing and stirring. And you’re pretty much done with the “hard” part. All there’s left to do after you ensemble all the ingredients is pop the cake in the freezer for four hours, and that’s it!
You’ll have a delicious, refreshing lemon cake that you can put on the table without having to spend hours and hours making it. Chances are it will become a family favorite, but you’ll never really know for sure unless you try making it once.
All the steps and instructions you need to follow to make this are thoroughly explained in the video below.

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