This Son Surprising His Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk

Who doesn’t like a good surprise, right? It’s always fun to play harmless pranks on your friends and family, and have fun seeing the looks on their faces.
The son in the video below found the perfect opportunity to prank his dad, and managed to get his priceless reaction on video. Brian Vogelgesang took an early flight to surprise his dad for Father’s Day, but he wanted to make the surprise even more special.
So he hid in the trunk of his dad’s car and waited patiently until his dad finally opened it. His mom was in on the prank and asked dad to grab something from the trunk of the car when the moment was just right. That’s when the son popped out of the trunk and surprised him. The look on his face when he opens the trunk and sees his son there is just priceless. It’s clearly that the man wasn’t expecting a visit from his son!
Well, special holydays such as Father’s Day are best spent together as a family. Even if that means getting pranked by your son, right? Take a look and share this clip if you enjoy family pranks as much as we do!

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