Sneaky elephant stops potato truck to grab a little snack

It’s no secret that elephants are among the most intelligent animals on Earth. But what’s quite hard to believe about these majestic creatures, is they are sneakier than a fox, when needed. Even I’d never thought about elephants to be sly, but this innocent thief proves me I was wrong.

It happened in Eastern India, where a wild Asian elephant literally stopped a truck loaded with potatoes to grab some snack. The truck driver was driving on a pretty busy road through the Garhbeta forest, when he spotted a massive elephant on the side of the road. The mammal made its appearance out of the forest with a single purpose on its mind – to have some potatoes for its lunch.


Apparently nothing could stopped the clever elephant from its little snack. Not even the bystanders that were shouting at him nor their other tactics meant to determine de elephant to go back in the forest. The entire scene was caught on camera and even it is pretty hilarious at first sight, it points the sad reality: the human-wildlife conflict in India.


Over the last years, the wildlife elephants and other species as well, have lost their natural habitats due to human hand. That makes the species more vulnerable and determine them to came into contact with people who live there, more frequently. Fortunately, this time the innocent elephant had its snack without being hurt, but it’s not always this way.

h/t: boredpanda

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