Sisters Strike Pose Onstage, Their Next Move So Intricate Audience Left Breathless

I don’t know how it was in your house, but growing up, I and my brother could barely stop bickering long enough to make a Mother’s Day cars for our mom. Of course, as we grew older, we became best friends, but teaming up as children was pretty difficult.

Well, the siblings in the video below certainly don’t seem to have the same problem. Joined by their common passion and love for dancing, these two sisters spend a lot of time together, training for different dance competitions and shows.
They each bring out what’s best in each other and make sure to share the spotlight equally. In their case, them being together only elevates their performance and make each one of them stand out.
In the clip below, you can see theme execute a spectacular choreography that left all the judges, as well as the audience watching from the stands, in total and complete awe. Despite being at an age where most girls still play with dolls, these to amazing dancers manage to do complicated moves that require perfect coordination and them synchronizing with one another.
In case you were wondering, this style of dance is called acro-dance, and combines multiple types of dancing, including ballet and jazz. Look:

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