Sisters Both Give Birth to Twins On the Same Day, Then Family Finds Out Truth of the Story

Annie Johnson and her husband, Joby, both knew they wanted to become parents, but for long five years, their struggles to conceive a child of their own were without result. So the couple finally decided to ask for help, and their story since has gone viral.
Seeing how much they want a baby, Annie’s sister Chrissy offered to do something unbelievable: carry her sister’s baby. Chrissy already had two children of her own and had no complications at birth, so she knew she will be able to give her sister the ultimate gift.
After the initial show wore off, Annie and Joby took time to seriously consider Chrissy’s offer. And after a few long conversations, they finally accepted. The procedure of Chrissy becoming a surrogate mom for their children involved doctors implanting two embryos in Chrissy.
And here comes the interesting part: Annie was on the same cycle as her sister, so the doctor placed two embryos in her as well. This was the last chance Annie had to become pregnant.
Believe it or not, all the embryos were successfully planted, and both women became pregnant. And of that’s not enough to make you go “Wow,” know that Annie and Chrissy both went into labor on the same day.
Both women gave birth to healthy babies: Chrissy had two boys and Annie had two baby girls!
This is the kind of stuff that usually only happens in movies, so make sure to watch the video below to get all the details about this fascinating life story.

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