Single dad and son are homeless. Then stranger approaches them and offers life-changing help

As any parent will tell you, raising a child is most likely the most rewarding and blissful experience a person can live in their lifetime. But taking care of a child is anything but easy. Doing it without any help whatsoever is downright difficult.
The single dad in the video below named James found himself in the situation of no longer being able to provide for his baby.
The man has made countless sacrifices to make sure his baby is well taken care of, but he reached a point in which he could no longer balance working full time and taking care of his baby.
When YouTuber and TV Host Leon Logothetis interviewed James as a part of his #GoBeKind project, he and his son were in a desperate situation. With no place to stay, the two mostly slept in shelters across Denver and even spent some nights out on the streets.
As part of the GoBeKind initiative, Leon travels the world to find powerful life stories and help people get a second chance at life. Thanks to this project, James managed to get the help he needed to get back on his feet and figure out a more permanent living arrangement for him and his son.
Take a look:

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