Shy Boy Grabs the Mic to Sing, Breaks Down When He Hears What 1 Judge Has to Say

Some make it look easy, but standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, trying to impress them with your singing abilities is anything but easy. That’s especially true for someone who is as young as the boy in the video below.
When Ronan Parke stepped on stage at Britain’s Got Talent a few years back, the judges weren’t sure what to expect. The boy was visibly nervous, and the judges thought he won’t be able to keep his emotions under control long enough to deliver his performance.
It takes a lot of courage to audition for a talent show as popular as Britain’s Got Talent, but Ronan was confident that he can overcome his emotions and share his talent and passion for music with others.
And that’s exactly what he managed to do! Ronan wowed the entire audience, as well as the judges, with his incredible voice and maturity on stage. He seemed totally comfortable to be on stage and interacted with the audience in a way that you would expect from a professional entertainer, not a 12-year-old boy!
Watching his performance backstage, Ronan’s family could barely contain their excitement and hold back the tears. You need to see this!

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