Shy 13-Year-Old Takes the Stage, Powerful Voice Makes Heidi Slam the Golden Buzzer

It’s not easy being a teenager and having your parents split up. Your entire world as you know it changes, and you have to learn to adjust to a whole different reality. Many teens who go through difficult family situations tend to act out and bottle up their feelings.
And then there are teenagers like the one in the video below who manage to find creative outlets to express themselves and channel their energy. When her parents decided to no longer live under the same roof, Angelina Green used music as an escape.
She’s loved singing ever since she was a little girl, and she knew that music will never fail or disappoint her. Knowing music could help others as well, Angelina decided to finally share her talent with others by auditioning for a spot on America’s Got Talent.
The judges were completely taken away by her incredible talent, especially considering the fact that Angelina is only 13-years-old.
One judge in particularly was so impressed by her powerful voice that she decided to use her privilege to use the Golden Buzzer in sign of appreciation of her talent – which means Angelina is going straight in the finale of the show.
Check out her beautiful rendition of the power ballad “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders.

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