Sharp-shooting US Army veteran rescues bald eagle hanging from a tree

We all know the bald eagle is one of the most powerful symbols of the United States, representing authority and statehood. So when Jason Galvin, an Army veteran, and his neighbors noticed an eagle in distress, they knew they had to act immediately.
The eagle was hanging from a tree in a Minnesota town, 70 feet in the air. At first, the men didn’t realize something was wrong, but when they got closer and took a better look, they saw the eagle was literally hanging on for its life. And although nobody gave the eagle much chances of survival, Jason was determined to do something to help the poor bird that symbolizes so many things he’s fought for in his lifetime.
So he took matters into his own hands and grabbed his riffle. He aimed it straight at the bird and managed to shoot perfectly and hit the rope that was trapping the eagle.
The bird was set free and managed to fly away, much to the surprise of everybody who witnessed the incredible moment. The shot was a very difficult one, but Jason proved there are certain skills you never lose.
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