Senior injured his hip while working in the yard, responding Firefighters returned to his house to finish the job

An 88-year-old man was working in his back yard, but due to a hip injury he was sent to the local hospital. The firefighters who responded to the emergency call helped the man and then returned to his house to finish his yard work.

Howard Storelee from Rochester, Washington kept his yard nice and clean to fill his time as his wife passed away a couple of years ago.

The hard working senior was mowing his lawn last week, but unfortunately he fell and injured his hip. The incident occurred in an isolated part of his yard, no one could see him on the ground for a long period of time.

For four hours, mister Howard was unable to move. Luckily some schoolboys who were returning home, heard someone crying and asking for help. They didn’t hesitate and called 911 .

First responders from the West Thurston Regional Fire Authority arrived on the scene and took Storelee to the hospital After finishing with their local duties in the evening, they all agreed to return to senior’s house and finish all of his yard work.

“There was no hesitation from anybody,” longtime firefighter EMT Alexander Trautman told The Washington Post. “We talked to our lieutenant and captain, and they were 100 percent behind it.”

“We knew he’d be down for a while,” he added. “We figured the least we could do was go back and help out.”

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