Senior dog and friendly dolphin love spending time together

Even though, it sounds quite incredible, we heard so many stories about close encounters between dogs and dolphins. Men’s best friend must be great fond of these adorable marine mammals, since countless interactions between the two have aired over the last few years!

While many of these lovely connections are pretty short, this senior pup and his Bottlenose dolphin buddy share a very special friendship for over seven years. Everyone meet Zyzz, the Spaniel Coker and his best friend Jojo, the dolphin.

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The two have first met in 2013. Back then, the 9-year-old Spaniel was on a boat near the Turks and Caicos Islands with his humans when spotted the friendly dolphin fallowing them. It turn out there was love at first sight, as they spent many hours swimming and playing together. But even more surprising is they are best friends  since.

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“They met for the first time when we were anchored up floating and snorkelling around the boat,” Mark de Fraine, Zyzz’s owner explained. “Jojo pulled up whilst Zyzz was out with us and Zyzz immediately got excited and ran to the back of the boat to check Jojo out.Jojo has been known to play with other dogs so was excited to see Zyzz jump in and they just began circling each other and kind of playing a game of chase.”

Watch these two adorable friends, here:

For the love of his dear friend, Zyzz would have spent much of his time swimming, but unfortunately he got some ear infections, so he couldn’t enjoy moments alongside Jojo as often as he would liked. But their special bond was strong enough to overcome these struggling and every time they got the chance to see each other, they made it count every second of it.

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“They always get so excited to see each other and you can see the both of them speed up and start circling and getting excited to meet – Zyzz can often see Jojo from the boat so he gets excited first,” de Fraine said. “Jojo comes right up to the back of our boat and pokes his head out of the water to see if Zyzz is standing there. Zyzz and Jojo get to play whenever we take Zyzz out on the boat with us on our days off.”

Meantime, Jojo even brought her daughter to meet her long time friend. Apparently she’s fond dogs, too! “Jojo often sits back and lets the two of them play when she’s around. She is very friendly and is never aggressive with Zyzz,” the dog’s owner said.

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