When You See What These 2 Are Doing, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

It’s pretty obvious by now that animals are able to form some unlikely friendships with each other. There are countless videos online that prove so, and they are all special in their own way. This only comes to show that in some regards, animals are actually more spiritually evolved than we are. They are so accepting towards each other and that speaks volumes about their incredibly kind nature.
And since we’re talking about unlikely friendships, this one definitely qualifies for the tittle. Dachshunds Maya, Peanut and Minnie the Hedgehog are one very happy yet unconventional family.
They love to spend time together, just like a real family, and despite the many differences that exist between them, they get along perfectly.
This miniature family is getting plenty of love and attention online and it’s easy to see why. The trio is absolutely adorable and people can’t seem to get enough of them. They have been delighting the internet with their antics since 2015. Now, they have over 28,000 followers on their Instagram account @mayathesausage. That’s not bad, right?
You can take a look at some of the adventures they go through as a family right here.

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