Security guard praised for sheltering dog under umbrella during rain

A security guard from a megastore in the UK became an overnight hero. All after a heartwarming photo of him sheltering a customer’s dog from the heavy rain, went viral on social media.

Ethan Dearman, who works as a security guard at a Morrisons store in Giffnock, Scotland, has recently became an internet sensation after taking care of a dog in the sweetest way. The dog – a Golden Retriever – was tied up in front of the store by its owner who went shopping. But since meantime a heavy rain started, the kind security guard decided to help the furry little fella out.

The adorable scene was caught on camera by a local who posted it on Twitter. The lovely snap immediately went viral with thousands of people reaction to this guy’s incredibly selfless gesture. “Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry,” Mel Gracie wrote on Twitter. “He said ‘well you never know how dogs feel about the rain’.”

A lot of people have praised Ethan’s gesture. “Some heroes wear hi-viz jackets,” one person wrote. While another added: “Just beautiful.. this man deserves a pay rise.” Even Morrisons official account wrote “Adorable!”

Even the hero couldn’t believed his eyes when he found out he’s a star on the internet. “I didn’t think I’d go viral on twitter like this,” he wrote on Mel’s tweet. “I knew I was making people smile but this is something else entirely, lol.”

The man also explained the reason behind the now viral snap. “It wasn’t raining when he was tied there and since I can’t move another’s dog I thought using an umbrella would be a good compromise,” the man wrote.

h/t: Twitter | mirror

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