The Secret Method to Cleaning Inside of Windshield So There Are No Streaks

No one likes a smudged windshield that indicates you not taking your car for a proper clean up in ages. But a dirty windshield is not only annoying. It can also be pretty dangerous considering your visibility on the road can be significantly reduced.
Moreover, having dirt on your windshield can distract you while behind the wheel and lead to unwanted incidents on the road.
There is only one solution to this problem: clean your windshield. Sure, there is no denying that professional cleaning services can get pretty expensive, but that’s not the only option. You can actually take care of cleaning the inside of your windshield yourself!
I know what you’re thinking: I’ve tried this and my windshield was full of streaks and fingerprints by the end of it.
It’s true; not cleaning it the right way can actually make things worse. Also, the angle makes the windshield a hard place to clean. But it’s nowhere near impossible, as the video below clearly demonstrates.
So, if you want to save some money and time and still have a spotless windshield, all you have to do it hit that play button right now:

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