School Officer’s Giving Student A Hard Time. Moments Later, His Actions Have Crowd In Uproar

Keeping control of a group of teens is not an easy task. Teens are known to be quite unpredictable, nosy at times, and things can easily get out of control, especially when kids feel encouraged by their colleagues to act a certain way.
However, when the school police officer in the video below was put in charge of keeping the peace and ensuring student safety at a major student event, he wasn’t at all intimidated. His experience working with this age group has taught him that the best way to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no incidents is to form a close bond with the kids.
So instead of threatening them with detention hours and making the students feel like they are under constant surveillance, the police officer decided to show them that it’s okay to have some fun, as long as you’re not crossing certain boundaries.
In fact, the man was the one who encouraged them to make noise and have fun by putting together an impromptu choreography that all students got onboard with right away. Luckily, the cop’s awesome initiative that took many by surprise was caught on video! You need to see this!

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