Sassy puppy doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Mom, throws a temper tantrum in hilarious fashion

Kids have all kinds of amazing qualities for which we all love them for. However, there are times when parents and kids just aren’t able to see eye to eye. Now, no one says we should all agree all the time.
It’s important for kids to learn to express themselves and feel confident speaking their minds from an early age. It’s a natural and important part of their journey in this world. And this is true for humans and it is for animals.
In the video below, an adorable puppy named Elvis can be seen throwing a temper tantrum in front of his mom, and the result is going viral. Despite his small size, the puppy definitely has a strong personality and is not afraid to showcase his true feelings, even if that means standing up against his own mom.
What he lacks in size he more than makes up for in temperament and presence.
Elvis’s sassy attitude is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It will definitely put a smile on your face to last you all day! If you enjoyed this adorable tantrum, make sure to share the images with all of your friends and family online.

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