Rude Man Honks At Old Woman Crossing Walkway, Her Revenge Is Brilliant

Patience is a virtue, especially when you are behind the wheel, but it’s safe to say that it’s not always easy to act patiently in traffic. Just ask the man in the video below. He failed to act patiently when an elderly woman took more than expected to cross the walkway, and paid for his impatience.
The man who looks like a business man and who was probably in a rush to get to a meeting was insensitive enough to honk several times, urging the elderly woman who was clearly taking her time to cross to move faster and get out of his way so that he could get on with his day.
But the elderly woman found his behavior to be totally unacceptable and reacted accordingly. Not caring one bit that the car was an expensive one, the woman used her bag to take a swing at the car. And she hit it pretty bad considering it made the airbag blew up into the driver’s face!
The entire moment was caught on video by two young men who witnessed the scene from a nearby park. This will definitely make you laugh out load – or you’re not human! One of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen in a while.

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