Sweet rooster sprints to bus stop every day to greet his best friend

When most people think about the perfect pet, the image of a cuddly puppy or a soft kitten typically pops into their minds. But in the case the perfect companion is a rooster with a big personality!

Savannah Burns, a 13-year-old teenager from Atlanta, Texas shares an extremely close bond with her family’s pet rooster, and their one-of-a-kind friendship is capturing the hearts of thousands of people from all over the world.

One of the most endearing aspects about their friendship is the fact that Frog – the rooster is waiting for the teen girl to come back from school every week day. Somehow, the unusual fella has come to memorize the time the school bus gets to their house, and he is always there to greet his best friend.

“I don’t think he thinks he’s a rooster,” Savannah’s mom, Holley said. “He was very attentive. He wasn’t interested in what the chickens were doing, he was interested in what the humans were doing.” And even since he was only a couple of weeks old, Savannah used to take him everywhere she goes. “She’d take him to the laundry room and he’d watch attentively. She’d go and wash dishes and she’d set him up on the counter and he’d watch her wash the dishes,” Holley said.

However, the rooster’s excitement when he sees his best friend getting down from the bus is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.

On the other hand, the teenager’s mom is glad because if somehow her kids are in no hurry to get off the bus, Frog is always there to remind them! “It’s gotten to the point that if they [her kids] don’t get off the school bus on time, he [Frog] will get on the school bus,” Holley said. “Our bus driver is really good — he knows to watch out for Frog. He makes sure they’re in the clear before they leave.”


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