This Ridiculously Photogenic Guinea Pig Should Be On Cover of Magazines

We all like to take photos of our pets, but regardless of how wonderful and adorable they might be, it sure takes a lot of time until we manage to get an okay shot of them in which they don’t cover their faces or don’t look like some sort of alien.
Well, I’ll be the first to admit that not even the best picture I’ve taken of my pet comes near the photos you are just about to see.
The main star of these wonderful, magical photos is an adorable Guinea pig named Mieps. Just like the rest of us, her owner loves taking picture of her pet, and the result is pretty exceptional. Even her owner admits that the Guinea Pig is more photogenic than she is.
Now, Mieps is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need any touchups or Photoshop. However, her owner admits that she does spend a little more time on the pictures she takes of Mieps than she does on her own photos.
She likes putting Mieps into beautiful settings that bring out the best in her. She uses props she finds in budget stores, flea markets or secondhand stores. Each Sunday, she and her father go to stores to find unique props she can use in her photographs.
To further enhance the images, Mieps’ owner uses just a touch of Photoshop, and the result is truly out of this world.
Now, once you take a look at these images, you’re probably going to seriously start considering the option of getting a Guinea Pig yourself. In this case, you should know that they make for wonderful pets. However, if you want to start taking photos of your pet, Mieps’ owner advises to make sure you are patient and take your time to earn your pet’s trust first.















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