Revealing Mom Never Goes Out Without Thick Makeup, Family Can’t Even Recognize Her After Makeover

Makeup is supposed to be fun and help you present the best possible version of yourself to the world. Whether you decide to wear make-up or not, there is no denying that makeup can be pretty darn powerful.
We’ve all seen before and after pictures that prove what a dramatic change makeup can do, but at the end of the day, it’s everyone’s choice how they want to use it. Some women just like a little bit of blush and mascara to brighten up their features, while others go full glam, all the time.
Again, it’s all a matter of preference. But for the woman in the video below, makeup had become an obsession. For decades, Dawn Williams never left her home without putting on a full face of makeup.
She felt insecure and thought that people would reject her if she didn’t get all dolled up all the time. But putting on fake lashes, hair extension and a lot of makeup every day takes a lot of time and energy, and, at 44 years old, Dawn finally decided it was time to stop. She needed a change.
And with the help of a team of professionals, Dawn was able to give up her thick makeup in favor of a more natural look that accentuated her true beauty. Her wardrobe got a bit of an update as well, and now Dawn dresses more appropriately for her age, which definitely made her family very happy.
Sometimes, less is more. You won’t believe this transformation!

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