92-year-old retired vet builds “wheelchairs” to help disabled dogs to run again

Lincoln Parkes has dedicated over six decades of his life to help those creatures that no one give them a chance – disabled dogs. Now, at 92-year-old the retired vet still does what he always loved to do – to help hopeless animals!

A true animal lover his entire life, Lincoln started to make “wheelchairs” in early 60s. Back then, a desperate owner came to hiss clinic after his dog got hit by a car. The man was crying as his beloved four-legged companion couldn’t walk anymore due to that accident, and he knew there was only one option – to put him down. But, the kind vet knew it must be another way. So he came up with the solution of building a cart meant to help the poor dog to run again.

Since that day, Lincoln discovered his new passion. And he’s keep doing it. He keeps making carts for disabled animals, even long after his retirement, because kindness is forever.

“I like to give animals a better life,” the senior man said. “If you put them in a cart when they can’t get around, it gives them mobility so they can use their front legs, and their spirit just goes – they’re like kids once they got their independence. I retire every day around midnight. That’s the only retirement I get, but I’m having fun doing something useful.”

Dr. Parker admits he might be “a little bit older,” so it requires a little bit more time to fill his orders, but he says he will continue to do what he loves for the rest of his days.

Even though, there are still a lot of kind people willing to help animals, Dr. Parker is an inspiration for everyone. His passion, dedication and commitment to step in for those helpless creatures is something nearly impossible to find nowadays. “When the people see their dog, that’s my paycheck,” he said!

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