This restaurant updates its sign every day with witty sayings, and they’re hysterical

What’s the main considering when choosing a restaurant to eat at? Most people take things like the food, the music, the lighting, or the service into account when making a decision.
Well, one restaurant in Austin, Texas has managed to earn the approval of many fans, but it’s not the food, the service or anything like this that is luring customers in.
The main attraction of the restaurant is actually outside of it. The restaurant’s funny signs strategy is what helped it draw plenty of attention. El Arroyo, a Tex-Mex joint in Austin, has been attracting customers — and cracking up people on the internet — with its smart and funny signs.
The signs are so hilarious that people are probably returning to the restaurant just to see what joke and puns they come up with next. Most restaurants of its kind choose to use their outside signs to advertise happy hour specials or new taco recipes, but it seems like El Arroyo’s approach is turning to be a lot more effective when it comes to enticing customers.
What do you think about this idea? Would you like to see it spread to other restaurants across the country? This clip will help you form an opinion.

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