Grateful horse gives sweetest ‘thank you’ to the man who freed him

Horses have always had an important contribution helping humans, over the years. Times have changed, but we still have a lot to thank horses about. They’re majestic and gentle creatures that definitely make our lives better.

However, us humans don’t always treat them the way they deserve. In fact, in some parts of the world, it’s still customary to bound wild horses in chains. In some parts of Romania, wild horses are kept in restraints so that they are unable to escape. Fortunately, things are starting to change thanks to kind people who are trying to do everything in their power for these animals to be happy.

Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian working with the international animal aid group Four Paws, is one of those people. So when the vet came across a wild horses herd in Danube Delta, Romania, soon realized one of the animals is suffering. So, the man carefully approached the horse. It turned out, the poor animal was in chains for years, but thanks to this kind man, he will now be able to enjoy his life in the wild.

However, what melt everyone’s hearts was the way the animal thanks its savior. The horse’s thankful reaction was heart-melting! Whoever said animals can’t express gratitude definitely needs to see this beautiful footage!

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