Rescued pittie is adopted by FDNY and gets her own seat in the fire truck

Ashley, a beautiful pit bull was found in a very bad condition inside an abandoned home, and a firehouse in New York agreed to take the dog in until her rescuers could find her a family. But they simply fell in love with her and after 3 days they decided to adopt Ashley.

“‘It was freezing out. There was nothing in the house, so we just ran and got her and said we’ll figure out what we were going to do after we got her out of there,” Erica Mahnken, one of the rescuers told CBC News. “Everyone’s so quick to judge a dog, especially a dog you don’t know where it came from or what kind of person they are and what kind… It is very satisfying.”

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The New York City Fire Department station, known as Fort Pitt, grew fond Ashley from the first moment they saw her. In short time the beautiful dog has part of the team, and they gave her own seat in the firetruck. Ashley is present on social media, she even has an Instagram account where you can follow all of her firefighting adventures.

Instagram/ probyash

Ashley was rescued by No More Pain, a New Jersey organisation dedicated to saving and relocating they find living in harsh conditions. The company, a non-profit team of 4, has limited resources and relies heavily on donations.

“The moment we walked her through those doors, we knew that’s where she was meant to be,” Mahnken said. “Every single Fort Pitt firefighter instantly fell in love with her and she fell even more in love with them.”

Instagram/ probyash

She was supposed to stay for a couple of days, but the brigade decided to adopt her and gave her a seat in the truck!

Instagram/ probyash

“I couldn’t have picked a better home for our sweet girl and I can’t thank the FDNY enough for allowing Ash to join New York’s Bravest,” said Mahnken. “Whenever she’s there her tail is wagging, she’s super friendly and jumping on everybody.”

More about Ash’s heartwarming story, in the video below!

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