Rescue kitten brings stuffed dragon to the vet to make him feel safer

Life is nothing but rough for a lost tiny animal and this kitten’s story is pretty much the same. Fortunately his tale has a happy ending, and all thanks to a very kind woman and her family.

Samantha Smart was enjoying the afternoon with her daughter in their backyard in Florida, when heard something desperately crying for help. It is how they met Ponyo – a lost kitten that Samantha adopted without hesitating.

“It was a sad little cry,” the woman told The Dodo. “He had the whole neighborhood working together to find and trap him. We have one cat already so we weren’t really looking to add another, but it felt like Ponyo was meant for us!”

Both Samantha and her daughter Violet, knew life won’t be easy for Ponyo as the cute little kitten needs some time to feel comfortable around them. So, to make things a little bit easier, Violet decided to give Ponyo a stuffed animals to keep him company and to make him feel safe.

It didn’t took too long until the rescue cat found his comfort in the stuffed dragon her human sister gave him. “My daughter spent a while picking out the perfect friend for Ponyo to sleep with and settled on Dragon,” Samantha said. “He sleeps with his him every night and spends a lot of his time dragging him around the house.”

However, little did Samantha and Violet know that Dragon would help Ponyo in his most difficult times. The family scheduled a visit to the vet for the tiny cat and when they were getting ready for it, everyone noticed Ponyo was quite nervous. So Violet thought it would be nice for her kitten to have his little stuffed friend with him. And that chanced everything!

Ponyo felt safer and he found his courage with his fella by his side. A sight that impressed even the vets. “When Ponyo arrived at the clinic, he was very nervous,” Melissa Jenkins of Operation Catnip explained. “We all noticed his sweet dragon friend in the carrier with him, so we put the dragon next to him. ”

The tiny rescue kitten found all the comfort he ever needed in his speechless friend and that helped him to make it through. What a duo!

h/t: Operation Catnip | Ponyo

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