Rare Peacock Curiously Looks Around, Then Leaves Internet Slack Jawed Moment It Turns Around

Peacocks are without a doubt some the most beautiful creatures in the world. Native to Asia, there are two species of peafowl: Indian Peafowl and Green Peafowl. Sadly, both of them are now on the list of endangered species, as these rare birds are haunted down for their beauty. Also, their natural habitat is constantly being reduced due to man’s interfering.
By watching the video below, you will get to see a peacock that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. That’s because it’s an albino peacock, which means he is entirely white!
This gorgeous all white peacock that looks straight of a fairytale is actually a genetic variant of the Indian Blue Peafowl, which, as you may know, has iridescent blue and green plumage. The white peacocks unusual lack-of-color is due to a missing pigment. This missing pigment is dark and absorbs incident light, thus making diffracted and interference light visible. Think of what happens when oil touches water and you’ll better understand this effect.
Explanations aside, white peacocks are definitely gorgeous and special among their kind. See for yourself just how breathtakingly-beautiful these birds are with their tails fully open by watching the video below.

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