Random girl sings with Street Performer but her voice made hundreds stop to listen

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s something worth repeating: never judge someone solely based on superficial things like how they look or what they are wearing because you might end up forming the wrong opinion.
People have this incredible ability to surprise one another, and if you’re still not convinced, make sure to watch the video below.
Singer Jade Helliwell from Yorkshire, England, was enjoying a night out with friends. She intended to maybe go clubbing so she was dressed for the occasion. Wearing super high heels and a short dress, Jade decided to join a street performer she overheard singing.
When she approached him, the street musician was obviously a bit skeptic when it comes to her abilities as a singer. In his eyes, she was just a girl who maybe had a bit too much to drink and was looking to have a good time and make some waves.
But as soon as she began singing, the young man could see that he was entirely wrong about her. The man literally had to step back and take it all in. And who can blame him, right?
Jade is an incredible singer, and her voice has the power to literally stop traffic. The pair sang “Hallelujah,” which is an incredibly powerful song under any circumstance, even if it’s sung in the middle of a busy street.
This is for sure one of the most unexpected performances I’ve seen via video in a while. Check it out and don’t forget to share!

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